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Paul Naybour is the Business Development Director of Parallel Project Training. He has been a project management consultant for 9 years and experience managing project management development programmes for many clients small and large. To get in touch contact paul via www.parallelprojecttraining.com or visit Paul's Google Profile

Reporting Project Status

You should be familiar with the acronym of RAG by now. It stands for Red, Amber and Green. These reports are generally used by businesses for project evaluation. Most bosses use these colors to see where the problems lie and where the successes are. I have already spoken to you about […]

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Why Microsoft Project Training is a Good Idea

Microsoft Project is almost an essential tool for project managers these days. Knowing how to use this tool is a given for any manager but using it well is something not everyone can achieve. Apart from the world of benefits of Microsoft Project, this tool is more than just for creating a basic project. It […]

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Updated Project Management Courses from Parallel Project Training

On April 29, 2014, Parallel Project Training announced the release of an updated version of their APM Project Management Qualification course. Being formerly referred to as the APMP, this course has highly successful ratings in this industry, and the new version is based on Parallel Project Training’s sixth edition of the Association for Project Management […]

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What I learned as a new project manager

People who are just starting out in project management have a lot to benefit from our project management courses. These project management training courses are designed in such a manner that they understand the difficulties of people who were previously in a technical role. The new skills that would be added to your resume and […]

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Ten Benefits of Project Management

Project management not only benefits the manager who controls the project but also the production team who works on the project and the client who waits anxiously for the finished product. At the very core of project management are the basic organization skills that demonstrate optimal efficiency, ingenuity, and cost savings for successfully guiding a […]

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Why Train Your Project Managers

Training your project managers helps them deal with change – management change. The change can be construction, information and technology or a change of working practices. Training your project manager can be beneficial to the organization, as it helps the manager approach the changes systematically. Here are some reasons why you should train your project […]

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Fast Track Your Project Management Career

Corporate clients often use the Parallel Project Academy to help companies complete projects successful in a reasonable time frame. Experts recommend this company because they are capable of teaching companies how to deliver the most complex projects to customers according to the specifications established during the contract. If you’re interested in improving the success of […]

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Ten Reasons to become a project manager

A project manager is an individual who is well organized; these individuals are passionate about his or her projects they receive, and are goal-oriented. Project managers are individuals who help organizations become successful. Project managers enjoy an adrenaline rush when he or she gets a new project; they enjoy a nice challenge, along with acquiring […]

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Controlling Change in Projects: Hints and Tips

When running a business, it is important to be able to evolve and adapt to the situation, depending on what is taking place and what the current situation is. However, changing and controlling change inside a project when it is already in mid-production can be a challenge, as it requires direct communication and the ability […]

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Top Seven Project Management Challenges

A project is any endeavor involving cooperative group effort to accomplish its specific goals. It utilizes certain principles which includes planning, organizing, motivating, instructing and allocation of finances to achieve the desired purpose. A project is usually well defined with measurable goals and a set time limit for its completion.

The scope of the project and […]

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