A project manager is an individual who is well organized; these individuals are passionate about his or her projects they receive, and are goal-oriented. Project managers are individuals who help organizations become successful. Project managers enjoy an adrenaline rush when he or she gets a new project; they enjoy a nice challenge, along with acquiring the responsibility of helping a business. Project managers are individuals who can work under a lot of pressure, they are use to and comfortable with dynamic environments.

Project managers like to pay attention to what is going on, but never stops to consider what not happening. In the project of welfare reform the project manager on previous case did not pay much attention to what individuals did not have, they mainly focused on everything that was going well, such as getting food assistance and health care for low income families. The project manager did not stop to consider other assistance they may need. Basically in previous projects the projects were not well assembled, this is why it is important to get a well organized and a highly skilled project. A well organized and highly skilled project manager, who has superior people skills, can put a project together such as, welfare reform without having mistakes occur.

When pertaining to project managers, they are good at their job; they know the ropes and can handle difficult situations. However, there are not enough project managers to go around, meaning there will need to be training to help a newly project manager develop. Training can expensive, and when a company needs to make budget cuts the company will cut training employees. When a company makes a budget cut, projects get put on the back burner. If an individual who wants to be a project manager gets all of the requirements before taking on a job, budget cuts will not affect his or her career or projects. Another part that normally gets cut is traveling, when an individual is training for a certain job, he or she normally has to travel to get to the meetings. When traveling gets cut, the project manager is not getting the training he or she needs, along with the updates in his or her job field

There are 10 important reasons an individual should become a project manager.

  1. The first reason is they get to deal with change. As a project manager you will have an increase of competition, the sector will grow, along with having a high-demand for project managers, meaning there will always be a job for you.
  2. The second reason is that project managers deliver tangible value, meaning they demonstrate efficiencies, along with expanding customers, and giving their self a boost for profitability.
  3. The third reason to become a project manager is that you will provide companies with decision making, along with communications for the company and be able to engage with the staff more frequent.
  4. The fourth reason is that as a project manager you will control the scheduling along with the cost, you will be able to change that only 20 % of IT projects get finished in a timely manner, along with being 27 % over budget.
  5. The fifth reason is that the project manager gets to manage change and control the system, meaning they handle shifting the customer requirements, along with redirecting customers to available resources. As a project manager you will get to minimize
  6. The sixth six; you get to create formal plans that are detailed stating how work will perform before it even starts, which will eliminate the need to do everything over.
  7. Reason number seven is a reason that most individuals enjoy, which is making more money. As a project manager you can earn more than $100,000.
  8. If you want a more secure job you should listen to reason number eight, which is being a project manager means you have a secure job.
  9. The ninth reason is that a project manager is more marketable, as a manager you will be able to have a leadership value.
  10. Last but least reason number 10 on why an individual should become a project manager is that it will help his or her company profile soar, meaning the project manager will; update executives concerning milestones that have been accomplished, budgets that were spent, timetables, along with any other important key points.