The APMG (a very similar name to the APM, but a completely separate organisation) is a company that provides the infrastructure and oversight for a number of professional management disciplines. The one pertinent to the project management profession are Projects in a Controlled Environment 2 (or PRINCE2®). The Guide to Prince2 is the intellectual  property of the UK Government’s Office for Government Commerce (or OGC). The APMG have the role of accrediting trainers to deliver the accredited material at events where delegates can become accredited in the use of these methods.

PRINCE2® is a generic, tailorable, simple to follow project management method.  It covers how to organise, manage and control your projects.  It is aimed at enabling you to successfully deliver the right products, on time and within budget. As a Project manager you can apply the principles of PRINCE2 and the associated training to any type of project. It will help you to manage risk, control quality and change effectively, as well as make the most of challenging situations and opportunities that arise within a project.

  • A PRINCE2® project has the following characteristics:
  • Continued business justification
  • Learning from experience
  • Defined roles and responsibilities
  • Managed by stages
  • Managed by exception
  • Focuses on products and their quality
  • Tailored to suit the particular product environment

PRINCE2® does not cover all aspects of project management.  Areas such as leadership and people management skills, detailed coverage of project management tools and techniques are well covered by other existing and proven methods and are therefore excluded from PRINCE2.

Extract from the OGC web site April 2010