Training your project managers helps them deal with change – management change. The change can be construction, information and technology or a change of working practices. Training your project manager can be beneficial to the organization, as it helps the manager approach the changes systematically. Whether you have new project managers seeking to learn the basics on courses such as the APM Project Fundamentals or more experienced PMs looking for professional recognition of their skills, here are some reasons why you should train your project managers –

• Develops Confidence By Improving Skills – Training your project manager will improve the management skills of the trainee. This helps improve performance. It has been observed that most project managers are unable to meet profit and budget objectives. Yet, they are rewarded similarly to those who meet their objectives. The management managing project managers fail to differentiate between the unsuccessful and successful. This results in loss of money.Developing the skills of the project managers through training helps them to cope with the changes that are occurring everyday. This also develops confidence in the individuals. The result of improved confidence and skills is the ability to handle projects better and deliver a quality project completed within time and budget.

• Improves Company Profitability – One of the key components for earning profits is the project manager’s competence. If you look back and examine the projects that ended in loss, you will observe that the same manager handled those projects. Again, the fault does not lie with the manager. It lies with the company that did not equip him to deal with change.

If you want to get to root cause of the failure, then take a look at the management that manages the project managers. The project team may have been strong but the project manager was not given performance management training.

This is one of the most important factors that are often overlooked. The company needs to coach managers for improving their performance. This will help them give you a quality performance that will be visible in the projects. The result of the quality performance will be enhanced profits for the company.

• Organization’s Capacity to Deliver Successful Projects Consistently – Most multinational companies set benchmarks as they invest more in the workforce. But, good management and workforce skills are associated with the ability for developing and delivering high quality management practices. Bringing about flexibility in the management, decentralizing the process of decision making and fostering an environment of self management unlocks the workforce’s creative potential.

The workforce has an enhanced sense of self-accountability and these results in a more productive culture at the workplace. Since the project managers are accountable to themselves first, they strive to deliver successful projects consistently.

• Tapping Potential for Enhanced Productivity – With rapid technological changes occurring every moment and with fewer skilled workers, management practices require changes too. A good management practice is associated with enhanced output and productivity.

Companies are realizing the significance of training project managers and tapping their potential for enhanced productivity. The managers are able to meet the challenges of change as given below –

 There is an understanding of the relationship between productivity and management and other performance attributes;
 It shows the regions where the company is lagging behind and can work on those areas;

• Continuity of Approach – Training the project managers ensures that the project moves ahead through all the important phases, right from the beginning to the completion stage without any problems. In case there are problems, the project mangers are capable of handling them. They are taught to be flexible in their approach by having alternate work strategies. If one strategy does not work, they will have other methods of approaching the problem and continuing with the project. This will ensure proper review of the project at all levels from the initiation to the final acceptance level.

The training helps project managers have a challenging but realistic approach to the project. They stick to the budget and the time-frame for the successful completion of the project.

The result of training project managers is not just acceptance of change and flexibility but also profitability to the company. Completing a project successfully ensures that the customer is satisfied and returns with more projects.

Companies can refer to the Parallel Management Training Course deliver real benefits for project managers. The course is not just beneficial to the manager but also to the company. It improves profitability.